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Um die Musik zu hören, schalten Sie Ihre Lautsprecher ein.
engl Flagge If you like to hear the sound, switch on your loudspeaker.


You can almost hear and feel the paintings.

"A portait - done with emotion, displays the artist rather than the model" Oscar Wilde

Painting of the song: knockin on heavens door

Interview with Elliott Landy about the book cover and Bob Dylan Fotos - click here




Thank you for inspiring me to survive the loss of my best friend with a song through a painting. (Christine)




Texte und Fotoanfragen/texts and photo requests:

Abdruck für Presse frei - Belegexemplar erbeten.
Pint for press purposes free - specimen copy requested.

Für den Abdruck für andere Zwecke ist ausdrücklich die Genehmigung einzuholen.
For commercial prints or other purposes the permission is to be obtained expressly.

Contact/Imprint: Pressebüro Röhrken

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